måndag 5 januari 2009

Golden Gate Quartet

Golden Gate (Jubilee) Quartet!!!!

Jag hade dött om det fanns live-klipp av deras "Stalin wasn't stallin'", den kanske bästa hyllningslåten till Stalins ära. Jag tänkte bjussa på lite lyrics.

Stalin wasn't stallin'
When he to1d the beast of Berlin
That they'd never rest contented
Til they had driven him from the land
So he called the Yanks and English
And proceeded to extinguish
The Fuhrer and his vermin
This is how it all began

Now the Devil he was reading
In the good book one day
How the lord created Adam
To walk the righteous way
And it made the Devil jealous
He turned green up to his horns
And he swore by things unholy
That he'd make one of his own

So he packed two suitcases
Full of grief and misery
And he caught the midnight special
Going down to Germany
Then he mixed his lies and hatred
With fire and brimstone
Then the devil sat upon it
That's how Adolf was born

Now Adolf got the notion
That he was the master race
And he swore he'd bring new order
And put mankind in it,s place!
So he set his scheme in motion
And he was winning everywhere
Until he up and got the notion
For to kick that Russian bear

Yes he kicked that noble Russian
But it wasn't very long
Before Adolf got suspicious
The he had done something wrong
Cause that bear grabbed the Fuhrer
And gave him an awful fright
Seventeen months he scrapped the Fuhrer
Tooth and claw, day and night

Then that bear smacked the Fuhrer
With a mighty armored paw
And Adolf broke all records
Running backward towards Krakaw
The Goebbels sent a message
To the people everywhere
That if they couldn't hit the Fuhrer
Go down hit that Russian bear

3 kommentarer:

Henning sa...

Haha, vilken "din mamma"-min killen gör som står längst ut till höger när han sjunger "Berliiinnn" :D Looove svarta barbershopzzZzzz fåävah! <3<3
Du. Har. Kul. Blööögg. Orpon.

Balloonfighter sa...

Jag vill nästan inget hellre än att få humma swingigt tillsammans med mina svarta bröder.

Fredrik sa...

Å, gamla slumplåten!